Energetic Cleansing of the Home

Have you ever walked into a room of people and sensed "Ewww..." and step out feeling weird? That's energy. Of course, your home may not feel weird but it may need some energetic assistance to bring more positive energies in. Who needs energetic cleansing of the home? Well, pretty much everyone would benefit.

This is great for newly moved in places, for highly stressed homes, for well-visited homes (meaning lots of guest come by) and for those who just want to bring in new positive energies.

Pranic Feng Shui

This type of Feng Shui utilizes the principles and teachings of energy taught by Master Choa Kok Sui. One can improve finances & productivity, bring more peace & love, bring in energies for spiritual growth and improve relationships.

Why is Pranic Feng Shui important? Imagine you are dependent of water from a creek nearby. The stream flows for miles but you notice near your village there are rocks and boulders blocking the water flow. You get help and remove the rocks and boulders. And voila! The stream is ever-flowing. Well, Pranic Feng Shui works similarly. One can utilize the directions, art, furniture, structural design and etc. to bring more flow of specific positive qualities needed in your home.

Now you can leverage energy to improve the quality of living in your sweet home. Contact Judy for a Pranic Feng Shui Consultation.


Energetic Cleansing of the Workplace

Is your office or workplace a highly stressful or fast-paced environment? Well then... you may want to take advantage to energetically freshen up the place. By removing the stress energies of a workplace, this can increase work efficiency, productivity, teamwork, creative ideas, work morale and etc. Wouldn't your rather work smart than just work hard?


Pranic Feng Shui of the Workplace

Did you know by arranging desks, certain artwork and furniture, the energy of a space can change? Did you know the entrance of your company can bring in certain types of energy - increase or decrease of prosperity and etc. Did you know that adjustments can be made to enhance the quality of the energy? If you are an owner or staff of a company. Whether you work at a cubicle or at home, the Pranic Feng Shui for your workplace could be that catalyst for more success. Contact Judy for a Pranic Feng Shui Consultation.