Animal Lovers. Pets are our family, our kids, our precious.

If your pet could talk, would your pet say, "Thank you for being the best mom/dad!" or "Hey, I got some pain here, can you fix it?" Or if you could talk in your pet language, would you say something like, "You are the best pet ever but I see that something is going on. Do we need to go to the vet?" And then you try to coax your pet by saying, "It's your favorite place ri----ght???" or "I know it's not your favorite place, but can you just cooperate with the doctor, pretty please???"

Judy may not own any pets (yet) but for sure has a lot of experience working with them. And she sooooo enjoys working with animals. Judy has successfully worked on dogs, cats, horses, birds, domesticated wolves and much more.


Initial New Client Deal - $75/hour, New Client Bundle 3 - $275

Regular Session $150

Bundle 3 - $399, Bundle 5 $567, Bundle 10 $1008

Yearlong - Everyday $7,000, Weekly $2,600, Monthly Tune Ups $900




She is able to connect with the animal and provide them with a wonderful healing

Judy has been a blessing to our family! She is a wonderful healer. Kind, loving and professional. My dog, Maestro has had lower back issues for six years. He had started to develop a curvature in his spine and anytime someone would try to touch him, he would shy away due to the amount of pain he was in. We’ve tried other pain medicines and steroids but they never solved the issue. We also tried acupuncture but it was not a comfortable experience for him. Since Judy has been healing him with Pranic healing, his spine has straightened out and he is happy to let people touch him and pet him. He is a much happier dog, in fact, he plays as if he was a puppy again.

A couple of months ago, my other dog, Mandolin, suddenly got sick and had to have emergency surgery. Judy was able to assist with her recovery with Pranic Healing before and after the surgery. Mandolin is back to normal!

I, highly recommend Judy to others who have four legged family members. She is able to connect with the animal and provide them with a wonderful healing!”

— Uni Smith