Pranic Body Sculpting

Pranic Body Sculpting aims to help heal the skin, muscles and fat cells in a deeper way, physically, emotionally and psychologically. By removing the stress energies of the area and then revitalizing that area through the techniques of Pranic Body Sculpting, one can help tighten or even lose inches within a few sessions. Every body varies but we have found some beautiful outcomes through this technology.

If interested in receiving Pranic Body Sculpting sessions, please go to Book A Session and submit your request. Judy will provide you some tips to help you get ready for the session. It is recommended to receive at least 3 sessions within a few weeks to experience most optimal results.


Initial New Client Deal - $75/hour, New Client Bundle 3 - $275

Regular Session $150

Bundle 3 - $399, Bundle 5 $567, Bundle 10 $1008

Yearlong - Everyday $7,000, Weekly $2,600, Monthly Tune Ups $900