About the Workshops

”As you develop, the people around you also develop. As you progress, the world progresses with you to a certain degree.”

- Quote by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui

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MCKS Pranic Healing Workshop®, Level 1 (aka Basic Pranic Healing)

Transform your life in just 2 days. Empower yourself by increasing your knowledge in energy (around us, of us, of others), healing (self, others) and energetic hygiene (not deplete yourself and feel great healing). Bring energy back to your life, the right way. Pranic Healing is a great way to understand the energetic science behind natural healing. You don’t have to be intuitive or have previous training in natural healing. If you have interest in bettering yourself or your surroundings, this class might just be for you!

This class has changed Judy’s life. Many of her questions in life were unexpectedly answered in this class. This was more than a “how to heal yourself class.” This was more like a “who am I, how does energy affect me, how do I affect others, how can I help myself/others, what shift do I need to make to bring in more positive impact, how do I move things when I get stuck…. And more kind of class…” This may be the 1st level class but the teachings are true pearls. Are you ready to be amazed?

MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing®, Level 2

Finding yourself utilizing the tools your learned in the MCKS Pranic Healing Workshop®, Level 1? And you would like to enhance your healing skills even more by using color? In MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing®, many students have had some jaw-dropping realizations from learning about the properties of colors, how to powerfully and safely use them for specific needs (i.e. for strengthening, removing tough blockages, calming/soothing energies, and much more) and faster healing techniques. Bring your healing skills to another level…. “pow~…” Bring it on!

Prerequisite - MCKS Pranic Healing Workshop®, Level 1


Bringing Your Healing Skills to Another Level

Powerfully Amazing….

Pranic Psychotherapy®, Level 3

Noticing that a lot of the ailments are emotional and psychologically rooted? Then you already know that MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy® is a super important tool in bringing deep healings for yourself and others. This class you learn how to help address stress, addictions, depression, anxiety and more. This class is often the favorite for most healers because of the unique approach, amazing body of knowledge of what happens energetically when emotional/psychological imbalances happen and its many profound results. If you are looking to help heal (self or others) some stress or even deep rooted emotional/psychological issues, bring yourself to this unforgettable class!

Prerequisite - MCKS Pranic Healing Workshop®, Level 1

Bundle Workshop Package - Level 1, 2 & 3 Workshops

Interested in all 3 workshops and want to get the biggest savings? Sign up for the Bundle Workshop Package.

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Links on this page will lead you to Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, LLC’s website and registration page for workshops. Check out APHC’s website for upcoming workshops and special events.


Basic Pranic Healing

SAT: 9am - 7pm & SUN: 9am - 4pm | FRI: 6:30pm - 10pm & SAT 9am - 8pm | WEEKDAYS: 9:30am - 2pm | WEEKNIGHTS: 6pm - 9:30pm |

Aug 17 & 18 (SAT & SUN) - Judy Yi

Sept 7 & 8 (SAT & SUN)- Judy Yi

Sept 28 & 29 (SAT & SUN)- Dawn Myers

Oct 5 & 6 (SAT & SUN) - Judy Yi

Oct 21, 22, 23 (WEEKDAYS: MON, TUES, WED) - Judy Yi

Nov 1 & 2 (FRI & SAT) - Judy Yi

Nov 16 & 17 (SAT & SUN)- Dawn Myers

Dec 14 & 15 (SAT & SUN) - Judy Yi

Advanced Pranic Healing

FRI 6:30pm-10pm & SAT 9am-9pm

Aug 9 & 10 - Dr. Valerie Davis

Nov 8 & 9 - Dr. Valerie Davis


Pranic Psychotherapy

FRI 6:30pm-10pm & SAT 9am-7pm

Sept 20 & 21 - Dr. Valerie Davis

Dec 6 & 7 - Dr. Valerie Davis