Is your child suffering from any physical distress? Whether it has been longstanding or your child has the flu, expedited healing for a child is important. Healing can be done in-person or at a distant.

Emotional/ Psychological

Does your child have hard time regulating their emotions? Or is it difficult for them to focus or find peace? Is your child experiencing out of the norm anxiety, fear or depression? Or does your child need healing from a traumatic situation?

Superbrain Yoga

Bring in your child(ren) to learn how to upgrade the brain. Yup, upgrade. How does it work? It's a quick technique that can change your child's life and the family's. Join a one-on-one training on how to do the Superbrain Yoga and other tips to increase memory, focus, clarity, intelligence, creativity and balancing of the brain.

Healing sessions can be done in-person or at a distance. The child's comfort level will be important. Healing is done with the parent present during in-person sessions. For distant healing, Judy and the parent will communicate before and after the healing session via text, phone call or video chat.


Initial New Client Deal - $75/hour, New Client Bundle 3 - $275

Regular Session $150

Bundle 3 - $399, Bundle 5 $567, Bundle 10 $1008

Yearlong - Everyday $7,000, Weekly $2,600, Monthly Tune Ups $900

Super Brain Yoga - Please email for rates