Yearlong Healing Program (Everyday. Weekly. Monthly.)


Yearlong Healing Program (Everyday. Weekly. Monthly.)

from 900.00

In need for a deep healing program or need a monthly tune up? Here are some Yearlong Healing Program options for you to choose what fits for your personal needs.

EVERYDAY >> 365 Healings/Yr $7,000. This is great for individuals who need daily care to really increase the body’s healing process. This program is also great for those who are in high-intense stress environment to help de-stress and re-calibrate daily to optimize work performance or team management.

WEEKLY >> 52 Healings/Yr $2,600. This is ideal for those who need regular healing or maintenance to bring balance in their lives. This weekly program can help reboot individuals who experience chronic pain/ailment, fatigue, stress.

MONTHLY TUNEUPS >> 12 Healings/Yr $900. The Monthly Tuneups Program is great for individuals that need that extra boost that can help throughout the month. Sometimes you just need that monthly tuneup to gain clarity, boost of energy, or rejuvenate.

The Yearlong Healing Program is only distant healings (no in-person or video sessions). Sessions can happen different times of the day, even throughout the day. Feedback is only given when the client needs additional tips or self healing techniques.

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